Date: 2 March, 2023

Location: Leichhardt Park Aquatic Centre

Time: 8:15am to 3pm

Warm Up: 7:30am

Entries Close: 12pm, Friday 24th February 2023


Thursday 2/3/2023

  1. 400m Freestyle (freestyle only)
  2. 100m Breaststroke
  3. 50m Backstroke
  4. 100m Freestyle
  5. 50m Butterfly
  6. 200m Individual Medley
  7. 4x50m Womens Medley Relay
  8. 4x50m Mens Medley Relay
  9. 4x50m Mixed Medley Relay
  10. 100m Butterfly
  11. 50m Freestyle
  12. 100m Backstroke
  13. 50m Breaststroke
  14. 200m Freestyle
  15. 4x50m Womens Freestyle Relay
  16. 4x50m Mens Freestyle Relay
  17. 4x50m Mixed Freestyle Relay

Entry is open to everyone, if you are are not in a Masters Swimming Club please use the Non Masters registration option. All entries also include a $25 AQuA Registration Fee that helps us run the whole event.

Entry for the AQuA Finals Festival is included with your Swimming and/or Water Polo registration.

For enquiries and questions please contact the Meet Director Marty Pappas via email.

Rules & Policies


– You may nominate for up to 5 individual events and 2 relays.

– Multi Class Swimmers have the option to nominate under their classification.

– To swim you don’t have to be part of a Swimming Club or Masters.

– Entry cost for the pool $ 7 per day.


The pool is not surveyed and Masters and FINA records cannot be set.

All swimmers can set AQuA championship records – both individual and relays.


18-24, 25-29, 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95+


Minimum age for competition is 18 years on day of joining/membership.


The Australian Queer Aquatics Swimming Competition is open to members of the LGBTQIA+ community from all over the world. This includes members of Masters Swimming Australia, Swimming Australia, International FINA registered organisations along with non-Masters members.



Medals will be awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place getters in each individual event in each age group.

Refund Policy

Please be aware not refunds if you can not longer attend.

If you believe it is an extenuating circumstance please contact the event organiser.

If the event is cancelled a refund will be provided less credit card processing fees.

These championships will be governed by the rules of Masters Swimming Australia and Masters Swimming NSW in force at the closing date of entries (12 February 2023).

MSNSW Sun-smart Sport & No Smoking policies, and MSA Warm-up Safety Policy will apply at this meet. Please observe all safety signs.

During the competitions warm-up and swim-down facilities will be available.


The Masters Swimming Australia Member Protection Policy states:

6.5 Gender Identity

Gender identity means the gender-related identity, appearance or mannerisms or other gender-related characteristics of a person. This includes the way people express or present their gender and recognises that a person’s gender identity may be an identity other than male or female. Some terms used to describe a person’s gender identity include trans, transgender and gender diverse.

6.5.1 Gender identity discrimination and harassment

Federal, state and territory anti-discrimination laws provide protection from discrimination against people on the basis of their gender identity. (See definition in Dictionary of terms). MSA is committed to providing a safe, fair and inclusive sporting environment where all people can contribute and participate. We will not tolerate any unlawful discrimination or harassment of a person because of their gender identity.

All persons, regardless of gender identity, are entitled to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect at all times.

We will not tolerate any unlawful discrimination or harassment of a person because of their gender identity. This includes discrimination or harassment of a person who is transgender or transsexual, who is assumed to be transgender or transsexual or has an association with someone who has or is assumed to be transgender or transsexual. (Refer to the attachments in Part D of this policy). We expect all people bound by this policy to act with sensitivity when a person is undergoing gender transition/affirmation. If any person believes that they are being, or have been, harassed or discriminated against by another person or organization bound by this policy because of their gender identity, they may make a complaint.

UPDATED: 2/2/2023

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